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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now Make you own sterogram 3D pictures

Ok I’ll admit it this website has little technical value but in the course of another project it stumbled its way into my lap and is worth passing along. According to the numbers 85 - 90% of all people cannot view a sterogram which is what this website creates. I used to be in the group of people who could not seem to view it. Not wanted to be in some sort of inferior seeing group I practices using the methods below and with a little bit of coaxing from this website I can now see the 3D images created by a Sterogram. Thank you Flash-Gear lol.

Here are a couple methods

Method 1

Put your face close to the stereogram. Allow your eyes to relax, and stare right through the stereogram as if your eyes were focused at a point behind the surface of the stereogram. Slowly move away from the stereogram without changing the position of your eyes.

Method 2

Look at your own reflection (or the reflection of another light source) in the screen. Slowly shift your attention to the stereogram on screen without changing the position of your eyes.

Please note that only 85 - 90 percent of people are able to see stereographic pictures in a three-dimensional way.